Momentum Smart Short Term Insurance

Momentum Smart Short Term Insurance

Because we cant predict the future, we have insurance for covering the assets we have accumulated over time.

Momentum wants to be a part of the journey towards achieving your goals.

Momentum is a registered Financial Services Provider.

Industry leaders in their own right in providing services that sustain business and family legacy.

Through SmartDealsApp, clients will be linked to skilled service consultants.



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Why choose Momentum car and home insurance?

Momentum car and home insurance provides cover for your valuable possessions and assets. Our expert advice and affordable insurance protects you when you experience unexpected loss or damage to your personal belongings.


  • Cash back rewards even if you claim: Earn a cashback bonus of up to 30% on your car and home insurance premiums every year, even if you claim. Activate Safe Dayz™ and complete your Safety Score questionnaire.
  • Individual risk profile: Individual risk rating and differentiated premiums means you do not pay for anyone else’s risk. We provide you with competitively low premiums based on your individual risk profile.
  • Industry-leading service levels: We strive to deliver excellent service in all our interactions with you, our employees and our intermediaries. As a result, we’re rated as a top insurance company in South Africa.
  • Ease of access through technology: We make our services accessible to you so you can submit claims faster when using our mobile app
  • Innovative and understandable products: We recognise that people are different. Their needs are different. Our simple, flexible products are designed to perfectly cater to your own specific insurance requirements.
  • Expert advice: Our financial advice model means that we provide additional value by offering you short-term insurance expertise.


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