Compliments and Complaints

Compliments and Complaints

At SmartDealsApp, clients and shoppers alike are to have an excellent experience on the platform.

But as we know things sometimes do not go according to plan.

SmartDealsApp brought to you by Legacy Business Solutions commits to resolve issues raised with 15 working days.


Please note the following:

  • All registered vendors and shoppers are independent of SmartDealsApp, Legacy Business Solutions and subsidiaries.
  • Each Vendor must submit their ownreturns policy before advertising on SmartDealsApp, which is shared freely with shoppers.
  • Shoppers purchasing products must familiarise themselves with vendor returns policy prior to purchasing products & services.
  • All registered Shoppers and Vendors on the platform agree to terms and conditions available in menu options.
  • SmartDealsApp preferred Payment gateway partner provided is governed the laws of south Africa, Protecting Cardholder Data with PCI Security Standards available HERE


  • Consumer Protection Act available HERE
  • Consumer Goods & Service OMBUDS website


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  • All South African consumers are protected by the THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, 2008 (ACT NO. 68 OF 2008). An electronic copy of this ACT and your Ombuds Code is available at
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