About Us

SmartDealsApp™ shoppers enjoy the best deals innovative companies can offer on brands they love, at the best prices of course!

Shoppers have variety of fashion,food,events, services, travel, entertainment,cars, and more..

SmartDealsApp™ was formed by the good folks at Legacy Business Solutions(Pty) Ltd.

Our Standards

Give the  people the deals they want

Give a platform to up and coming businesses

Ensure excellent user experiences

Simplify online business

Drive Innovation

Why SmartDealsApp?

For Shoppers

More Choice : SmartDealsApp™ is versatile,  also catering to specific inter-related categories including  fashion, Automotive, Travel, Events, services etc.

More Security buying online:  SmartDealsApp™ platform allows for 6 different methods including via cash by paying at select retailers and SA post Office. Learn More.  

SmartDealsApp™  payment platform is secure and verified by VISA.

SmartDealsApp™ is already freely available for download on Google PlayStore, giving your vendors access to billions of users instantly.

SmartDealsApp™ has Web & App development to handle back-end support.

SmartDealsApp™ is already Search Engine Optimized attracting thousands to download it daily.

Shoppers can even submit their Wishlist Deals!

Registration is absolutely free.



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